Grace Lever – The Facebook Group Project

Grace Lever – The Facebook Group Project


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The Facebook Group Project is a collaborative effort between a group of people on Facebook.

One payment of $1,997 USD is due today.

The Facebook Group Project is an online, step-by-step training program with six incredible modules that will teach you how to create, fill, and monetise your very own Facebook Group from the comfort of your home. It is no longer necessary to engage in complex marketing, lengthy consultations, or expensive advertising. Create a free Facebook group today to take advantage of the high volume of traffic on Facebook and to help you build your brand.

With this guide, we’ll take you step-by-step through the process of setting up your group, creating stunning, world-class content, filling and engaging your members’ time, and finally monetizing your group… so that you’ll have all the tools you need to get results without the guesswork.

As a result of the strategies we will share with you, you will be able to quickly profit from your Facebook Group community.

Listed below is what you’ll receive:

Getting Your Facebook Group Started Discover what type of Facebook group you require for your company and how to set it up securely without feeling overwhelmed by technology. – formalized paraphraseStay away from the 3 BIG MISTAKES people make when setting up a Facebook Group… and I’ll even reveal the hidden features Facebook has that NO ONE is taking advantage of properly yet!

Creating World-Class Content in an Automated Environment… How to create a month’s worth of content in just 30 minutes flat! Discover my top rules of engagement so that you can determine which content will elicit comments from your members from the very beginning!

BONUS: Completely Done Post Toolkit…Using these fill-in-the-blank templates, you can take a look at 100 of our most engaging, popular, and profitable posts from the past year and get a year’s worth of inspiration for your own group.

Insider access to our Top 17 Filling Strategies, which will infuse your group with loyal, raving fans for absolutely no cost. Take a look at the exact scripts and strategies that we used to generate tens of thousands of members and eliminate the guesswork from the process.

The question is whether you should engage your tribe members or LEAD your tribe.Learn about the simple rules we put in place to ensure that our group was kind, respectful, and well-behaved. PLUS, you can use our top eight engagement strategies to boost participation in your own group.

Detailed instructions on how to raise up group champions, including how to identify them, equip and manage them so that THEY do the grunt work of building culture in your group (and you don’t have to!)

Do you believe that a Facebook group is more about work than profit? Rethink your position! In Module 5, we’ll show you how to fill your consult calendar with HOT qualified leads without having to guess what’s going to happen next. Copy our subtle selling strategies to attract new customers without coming across as sleazy or pushy!

While you’re building your own Facebook group, take advantage of other people’s groups to quickly add sales worth $1,000 or more to your list.

Demonstrate to your target market that you can assist them by actually assisting them.

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Grace Lever – The Facebook Group Project

Grace Lever - The Facebook Group Project